Enis Ayar –dubbed Argonaut Enis- is something of a local legend in his native Ordu, a city on Turkey’s verdant Black Sea coast, where he has dedicated his life to building awareness of the region’s environmental and historical riches, against many odds. His creative exploits include organizing hundreds of VW Beetle owners to drive their colorful antique cars from across Turkey to draw attention to the plight of Black Sea mountains, or making the 1,000 kilometer journey from Ordu to İstanbul solo and on foot.
Set against the wild, rugged and stunningly beautiful backdrop of the Black Sea coast, the film follows Ayar around his hometown as he describes the results of his conservation efforts over the years. A cast of friends and supporters on various campaigns help paint a picture of this larger-than-life character, as do local officials whose city development plans he frequently comes up against. Ayar is a complex character fuelled by a stubbornness and child-like energy that belies his 60 odd years as well as an indomitable spirit; the combination makes for a layered and fascinating view and makes you think that perhaps every city needs an Enis Ayar.